THE Event for Esty School Owners, Administrators & Lead Educators!

2019 ASCP Skin Care School Forum: The New Era of Skin Care Education
Embracing the Next Radical Decade in Esthetics

May 19–20, 2019, ASCP is hosting our first annual Skin Care School Forum in Denver, Colorado!

This event is exclusively for school owners, administrators, and lead instructors.  You will not find another event out there like it. ASCP Skin Care School Forum is designed with intention and detail to encourage an atmosphere of collaboration among owners and influencers. 

8 out of 10 instructors feel that their students are adequately equipped after graduation. ONLY 4 out of 10 recent esthetic graduates felt that they were equipped for a successful esthetic career.

It’s time to visit the future of our esthetic programs. What do students want to learn? What do students need from their education to be successful after graduation? Are we currently delivering on these requests? How can we deliver while maintaining or increasing profitability? So many questions. Let’s answer these questions together and have a little fun too.

Participate in the conversations that will shape the estheticians of tomorrow. ASCP is committed to the success of estheticians—from student to professional—and the schools and educators charged with educating and cultivating the next generation of skin care professionals

Every session will encourage meaningful discussions about the next decade of esthetics and how your school can profit.

ENGAGE.        INSPIRE.         LEARN.           PROFIT.


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