Oncology Skin Care: Victoria Wood

Oncology skin care is a career not many people have heard of. I would have never found my passion in this if it were not for my own journey with cancer. I am 25 and I can officially say I am cancer free this June! I was diagnosed just two months after my 20th birthday in the fall of 2013 while in college for nursing. My family and I thought it was best to put school on hold until I was healthy again.

While on my cancer journey, it opened up my love again for health and wellness, and I really got into a holistic lifestyle. I found a love for yoga, mediating, self-love and care, and nutrition. I always had a passion of sharing knowledge of health and wellness and helping others ever since I was young.

Fast forward to 2015, trying to go back to school. I had two teachers fail me while I was out going through chemo, which lowered my GPA. I felt stuck with no financial aid, and having to constantly tell people, “I had cancer and teachers failed me,” wasn’t the easiest. I was writing appeals over and over and there was no progress with dropping those grades. I needed a new plan that was not as draining on my body and soul. 

In November 2016, my dad passed away from his own battle with an aggressive cancer. It was indescribable watching him go through what I went through and myself being so out of control. It was a whole new prospective to oncology and treatments and I knew in my heart I had to make a change.

While sitting with my dad when he was napping, I was scrolling online looking for jobs. I came across esthetician and looked up what it was. A thousand light bulbs lit up in my mind—it everything I loved doing! I knew right away this was something I could help so many people with. I instantly told my dad my new plan and he had tears in his eyes and told me, “That’s it! Change the world!

I started skin care school in January 2017 and graduated six months later. I was studying full time through school and healing from my dad’s passing. This all brought me to my vision, my passion, my push and drive and love for oncology skin care today. 

Later, finding out about Oncology Spa Solutions, I instantly emailed Becky Kuehn, the founder of the program, and signed up for the class. I was fortunate enough to have taken the class this past fall and am now certified in oncology skin care. I spent 2018 getting experience and education in organic skin care, and I am now certified as a yoga teacher and holistic health coach. There are a few more classes and certifications I plan on taking, but my wholehearted vision is to open my own space for beauty, health, and wellness focused on oncology, just for fighters to come, relax, and breathe.

Story of inspiration provided by

Victoria Wood, LE 
Esthetician for 2 years
Practicing oncology skin care for less than a year



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