Staying Out of the Rut

Staying Out of the Rut

By ASCP Staff

Remember the movie, Groundhog Day? When you wake up, every day feels the same. Same routine of setting up your room, same clients, same facials, same rerun. When you’re feeling bored and uninspired at work, it becomes difficult to wake up feeling motivated to face the day ahead with positive energy and a smile.

Every esthetician can experience the “same old, same old” attitude at times, but when you’re stuck in a rut, you can’t give your best to your clients. The result may be that your career suffers if your clients start feeling your lack of enthusiasm and look elsewhere for their skin care services.

Here are some common symptoms that you’re in a rut, and some simple solutions to get your positive attitude back! 

Acne treatmentThe Forever Client

You love loyal clients, but you have seen this client for years, and they always wants the same exact facial, the same mask, with no variation. You feel like you could do this service in your sleep, and you wish they would let you try something new, like a seasonal mask (think pumpkin in the fall). When you’ve done the same service to the same client over and over again, you may not give the top-notch customer service you used to give, and your client senses your loss of enthusiasm. You can potentially lose a loyal client who used to love getting their skin care service from you.  

The Simple Solution: If you have clients who tend to shy away from change, offer subtle suggestions. Suggest that pumpkin mask and tell them about the ingredients that will benefit their skin. Suggest a facial massage with cool glass globes. Even if your client doesn’t accept your suggestions, it makes the experience different and more fulfilling for you, and your client will appreciate that you’re giving them more attention. And who knows? Maybe your forever client will surprise you one day and let you really switch it up! 

The Latest and Greatest

You attended an amazing class on eyelash extensions and you’re so excited! It’s a new technique for you, it gets great results, and you want to master the technique . . . now! It’s tempting to try to convince every client who walks in your door that they need eyelash extensions. But beware. This service may not be right for every client and working this close to their eye might be intimidating for them, so don’t overlook what is best for them just for the sake of mastering your new-found skill.   

The Simple Solution:  You will have clients who are completely on board with trying dermaplaning, but make certain you consult with each client with neutrality. Don’t try to sell them this service if it’s not a good fit for them, or they aren’t comfortable with the procedure. Practice makes perfect, but only if it’s right for your client.

If you perform eyelash extensions for clients, make sure you are protected with eyelash technician insurance.

The Continuous Client

Every esthetician experiences those days when you have back-to-back clients, no time for lunch, no time to recharge between appointments. You tend to go on autopilot and lose focus on the individual client. These days may strip your motivation to do a thorough consultation or tell clients about new retail products or services you’re offering. If clients feel they are just another number in the queue, and they aren’t receiving personalized attention, they might take their business elsewhere.

The Simple Solution: You can turn a hectic day into a fun challenge! Instead of thinking of the endless number of clients you’re going to see, try to think of new skin care services you can recommend, how much retail you can sell, how you can switch up your hand or scalp massage for each client. One of the reasons clients leave their esthetician is they feel they are being taken for granted. This means you’re not offering anything new, you’re not changing up the routine a bit, and you don’t value their business. Even on a busy day, remember to treat your clients the way you would want to be treated.

Leave Home at Home

We all have days when it may be difficult to leave our personal troubles at the door when it’s time to go to work. It’s hard to put on a cheerful face and greet clients with a genuine smile when you have issues at home. But when you’re part of a client-service industry, it’s a must. To be blunt, your clients don’t come in to hear your stresses and woes. They come in to feel good about themselves and have a good experience with you. If they have to listen to your personal problems, they’ll leave your space feeling depressed from listening to a list of your griefs. Chances are, they’ll find another esthetician.

The Simple Solution: If you’re feeling down because of personal problems, there are ways to get back to the right mindset to give your best to your clients. Try going through a mental gratitude list of all that is good in your life. Try some deep breathing or a few minutes of meditation. Take a quick walk and breathe some fresh air. If you have a favorite skin care expert, listen to an upbeat podcast (like the ASCP Esty Talk Podcast) that can help point your thoughts in a positive direction.

“When we are stuck in a rut we are being invited to grow and expand.”
― Dana Arcuri 

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