Our New World With COVID-19

Dear ASCP members,

Thank you for reaching out to us over the past few days as COVID-19 escalates. Last week, our conversations circulated around professional skin care hygiene protocols and ensuring safe space for clients. Today, waves of heightened CDC warnings, associated closures, and suspensions are prompting many estheticians and skin care professionals to temporarily shutter their practices. They want to ensure their safety and that of their clients. We understand and support their decisions. 

It’s always been ASCP’s mission to support practitioners wherever, however, and whenever they want to manifest their skills. Now is no different. If you’re one of the estheticians who has chosen to continue working, make sure you’re doing so with superb professional and hygienic standards and client communication, but understand that we are in a unique time in our country; taking precautions may not be enough. We strongly encourage you to consider taking a hiatus from your practice on a short-term, temporary basis. Given the virulence of the virus and the general sense of fear in the population, you may not have a choice—either by government decree or the reality of vanishing demand.

This time is daunting in several respects. No one knows how long closures, isolations, and suspensions will last, or how long it will take the virus to run its course in the United States, let alone the world.

Through this, please remember your dedication to your profession and your clients; now is the time to practice physical and mental self-care. Remain positive and informed to the best of your ability. Reflect on the good work you’ve done. Hold close your success stories. Give yourself space and time to work on your practice wish list. Polish your treatment space. During your self-distancing, take advantage of the free online continuing education that’s part of your ASCP membership. Revamp your dream list for marketing your practice. Recall what drew you to the profession and what you love about it. When this coronavirus veil lifts, your clients will need your expert skin care services more than ever.

Do your best to avoid panic at this point. Focus on the things you can change: your actions, decisions, and responses. Focus on the things you have control over.

As states and the nation trigger emergency operations, understand that those decisions make way for key funding for maintenance and recovery initiatives. It’s too early to know how individual business owners will be able to access that funding, but stay tuned to your state and county departments of public health websites for evolving information and, of course, the US Centers for Disease Control (www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html).

ASCP will continue to update our members about ways they can take advantage of any relief opportunities created in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, and, as always, we will continue to offer excellent service to our members, striving to live up to our motto: It’s all about YOU.

Les Sweeney

If you have ideas for ways that the profession can support our community and one another during this time, please share them with us at getconnected@ascpskincare.com. We’d love to hear from you.

For additional information and resources, please check out our blog, "Coronavirus and Your Practice" to learn more.



Your letter is weak and a disappointment. Be a good citizen and tell folks to shut it down

Hi Julie,

Thank you for reaching out to us and we appreciate your feedback. We highly advise that you please check in with your local government officials regarding salon and spa closures, as this varies by location. We believe that all protective measures set forth by the CDC and WHO should be followed without delay and encourage all skin care professionals to keep a close watch on their local and national news for updates regarding this matter.

Emily Morgan (ASCP Membership Program Manager)

Why is massage different than skin, based on proximity? I'm dual licensed and your massage sister sent the shut it down message. I can do a massage without being in somebody's face. I would have to change a bit, but it's possible. I can NOT give a facial or facial waxing without sharing breath with a client. Why are estheticians not being given the same advice? Usually ASCP and ABMP info matches. The emails are typically almost identical. How are facials okay if massage is told to shut it down?

We all know that so many of us are self-employed and many won't shut it down due to financial reasons...UNLESS a government or other professional body gives the directive. The idea is to prevent becoming like Italy, who just had a record 475 die in one day yesterday. 

Hi Les, is ASCP allowing us (members) to pause are subscriptions for the time we are unable to practice? Being we pay annually? Are you offering any incentives or help at this time? I was unable to locate anything that mentioned this. For us every dollar counts. So, I am personally checking with EVERY financial relationship I'm in.

Thank you. Stay safe.

Hi Mahriah,

Thank you for your comment and rest assured, we are discussing many considerations and options for our members who are struggling during this very difficult time. You can always reach out to our incredible Membership Team for support and updates at 800-789-0411. But in the meantime, stay tuned for more, and stay healthy and safe!

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