Disability Insurance and COVID-19

Disability Insurance form being filled out.
ASCP members, even sole practitioners, can apply for disability insurance through our partnership with Salon & Spa Benefits. If you are unable to work due to a sickness, an injury, surgery, pregnancy complications, or maternity leave, a disability insurance policy can help you pay your normal everyday expenses.

This is an especially pertinent issue given the concern over coronavirus, and Salon & Spa Benefits has confirmed that their policy includes coverage for coronavirus. (Disability insurance policies need to be active before an illness occurs.)


Highlights of the policy include:

➤ Rates starting at $4 a week
➤ The ability to select your monthly, tax-free benefit from $400–$6,500
➤ 24-7 coverage both on and off the job
➤ Accident, sickness, surgery, or pregnancy complications covered after 14 days
➤ Maternity leave covered 9 months after the policy effective date
➤ A quick application process
➤ Rates that do not increase as you age
➤ Rates that do not increase if you file a claim

ASCP members can learn more at www.salonspabenefits.com or call 239-593-8229 to apply for coverage with a representative.





I am a policy holder with ASCP and Nails. I have been closed since March I have not received a dime since. I was told that I could file a claim with my insurance company. I would like to get the information on how to start my claim. Thank you 

Hi Gladys,

Thank you for your message! The liability insurance that comes as a benefit of ASCP and ANP is for professional, general, and product liability insurance (not disability/loss of wages). If you have this type of insurance, you will need to go through that company to submit your claim. For example, Salon & Spa Benefits is an exclusive ASCP/ANP discount partner and they offer disability insurance options, so if you have additional questions about submitting claims, disability, or loss of wages, they are a great resource! If you have additional questions or require more clarification on the type of liability insurance that is associated with your ASCP and ANP membership, we encourage you to give us a call at 800-789-0411 and we would be happy to discuss it further!

Emily Morgan (Membership Program Manager)

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