Treating Skin of Color

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How to Treat Skin of Color—Precautions, Considerations, and Recommendations

The claim that “everyone is beautiful” is professed loudly and frequently by beauty brands, but the claim should to be validated by making services, treatments, and products available to all ethnic, cultural, and racial backgrounds. During this presentation, you will learn the unique characteristics, disease and disorder presentations, cultural and dietary considerations, treatment recommendations, and precautions when treating skin of color, including black skin of African descent, Asian skin, East Indian skin, Latinx skin, Nordic skin, and transgender skin.


Mary Nielsen is a technician, educator, mentor, and business owner. She has been at the forefront in medical esthetics since its infancy in the early 1990s. She is currently vice chair and industry expert on the Oregon Board of Certified Advanced Estheticians. She is the author of "Fearless Beauties," along with other esthetic texts. Nielsen is the executive director of an esthetic school in the Portland, Oregon area and the founder of "Fearless Beauties".

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I’d like to register for this class, when will it be available to register?

thank you

Hi Rachel, Unfortunately this class was a part of our ASCP Skin Care Summit 2019 and aired on October 14, 2019. ASCP members can watch a replay of the "How to Treat Skin of Color" session here! And if you're interested, the rest of the ASCP Skin Care Summit sessions are also available for ASCP members to watch anytime here. Thank you, and enjoy!

Emily Morgan (ASCP Membership Program Manager)

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