Personal Protective Equipment for Estheticians

A Comprehensive Overview of PPE for Estheticians 

The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) will be central to moving forward and reopening your skin care practice when the time comes. These resources give an overview of the types of PPE that you might use in your practice, along with helpful video demonstrations of how to use them properly, and resources for sourcing PPE for your practice. Be sure to be make sure you are abiding by any specific PPE guidelines and recommendations from your state and/or local government.

Please note that there is currently a shortage of PPE, with most supplies being redirected—rightly so—to frontline workers and health assistance staff (nursing homes, home health aides, etc.) who are still operating without the proper supply of equipment they need to work safely. ASCP believes it’s professionally unethical to divert supplies from this delicate supply chain for non-emergency equipment requests at this time. Consider other options for face coverings for you and your clients in the interim.

Video overview:

  • 2:07 Types of PPE
    • 2:30 Gown/Uniform
    • 3:00 Facial Protection
      • 3:06 Cloth Face Coverings
      • 3:43 Face Masks
      • 4:23 Respirators (N95s)
    • 5:33 Eye Protection & Face Shields
    • 6:00 Gloves
  • 6:30 Donning and Doffing PPE
    • 7:01 Donning and Doffing a Face Covering
    • 8:08 Donning and Doffing a Face Mask
    • 8:53 Donning and Doffing a Respirator (N95)
    • 10:26 Donning and Doffing a Face Shield
    • 10:58 Donning and Doffing Gloves

ASCP Resources

CDC Resources

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