Skin Care Leaders Review ASCP

ASCP Testimonial
Crickett Enos, The Wax Chic
“If you are looking for a place to call your home, not just for insurance, but for building your business, it’s ASCP.”
ASCP Testimonial
Boldijarre Koronczay
Eminence Organic Skin Care
“I don’t often do webinars, but when I do, it’s for ASCP. They have a wonderful webinar platform.”
ASCP Testimonial
Stephanie Laynes
Smooth Skin Supply
“ASCP offers education, a website, events – they offer all kinds of support to estheticians. I will always go with ASCP. They won’t do you wrong.”
ASCP Testimonial
Dr. Mark Lees
Mark Lees Skin Care
“They are a great organization. I’ve been a member since their inception.”
ASCP Testimonial
Lori Nestore, The Wax Queen
Tu’el Skin Care
“What I love about the company is they are fantastic to work with as the industry is changing and growing. They change and grow with us.”
ASCP Testimonial
Douglas Preston
The Inspired Esthetician
“If you look at ASCP’s program, you’ll find so much more than just insurance. ASCP goes the extra mile for estheticians.”
ASCP Testimonial
Michael Pugliese
Circadia by Dr. Pugliese
“They give guidance and provide insurance, which is critical in the skin care profession.”
ASCP Testimonial
Pamela Springer
Global Skin Solutions
“ASCP by far offers the best insurance coverage, including mobile coverage, to cover me anywhere I train in the country.”
ASCP Testimonial
Dave Waggoner
Skin Script
“Why did I choose ASCP? I’m supported, protected, educated and connected. You can expect ASCP to be there for you with exceptional customer service.”

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