Body Contouring Insurance

Body Contouring

Body contouring insurance is available exclusively to ASCP members who are certified or trained in procedures such as cryolipolysis or CoolSculpting, ultrasound cavitation, or radio frequency skin tightening, to name a few. This is a supplement to the comprehensive liability policy included with ASCP membership.

If interested, ASCP members can simply fill out an application form to start the process of adding body contouring insurance. Want to know more about ASCP member benefits? Find out how you can become an ASCP member today and apply for body contouring insurance.


If you can answer yes to the following three questions, you may be eligible for this advanced coverage:

  • Do you have proof that you have taken training in body contouring?
  • Are you practicing body contouring within the scope of practice authorized by the state in which you work?
  • Are you an ASCP member, or do you plan to be?

For information on scope of practice by state, ASCP members can go to the Advanced Esthetic State Regulation Info page.


Discounted body contouring insurance is a benefit of ASCP membership. Upon acceptance of your ASCP Advanced Modality Insurance (AMI) application, you will be billed separately by Allied Professionals Insurance Company. You have the opportunity to pay in full or in four quarterly installments. If you choose to pay in quarterly installments, you will incur a $10 service charge per payment. Prorated policies are not eligible for installments.

Choose your pricing level:

  • Premier: Requires a signed informed consent form from every client for every new treatment performed.
  • Elite: Requires a signed informed consent form and a signed arbitration form from every client for every new treatment performed. (SAMPLES: Informed Consent; Arbitration Agreement)

Calculate your cost by selecting your options below!

* If selecting multiple modalities, you will be charged for the highest line item, plus $125 for Premier/$100 for Elite for each additional modality.

  Premier Elite
Pigment Procedures    
Microblading $592 $512
Permanent Makeup and/or Permanent Makeup Removal (saline only) $667 $572
Advanced Pigment Procedures (scar camouflage, scalp re-pigmentation, cheek blush, Permanent Makeup Removal -acid based)
Requires Permanent Makeup coverage
$300 $240
Laser/Light Energy Procedures    
Laser Hair Removal $1,100 $918
Advanced Laser Services and/or IPL $1,403 $1,161
Advanced Esthetic Services    
Esthetic peels up to 40%, electrology, needling/collagen induction therapy, non-invasive ultrasound, and hand-held cryotherapy, LED Facials (15+Joules of energy), Body contouring, cellulite reduction, radio frequency, high frequency, and cryolipolysis/Coolsculpting $792 $672
Total Cost $0 $0


ASCP members with advanced education can apply for body contouring coverage here.

Not yet an ASCP member? Join online today, and you’ll be eligible to apply for body contouring insurance.


Body contouring is a noninvasive procedure that reduces stubborn pockets of fat, shapes and tones the body, and tightens loose skin.

Like all advanced esthetic procedures, each state has its own rules and regulations as to whether an esthetician can perform body contouring procedures such as cryolipolysis or noninvasive ultrasound. In most states, the use of body contouring devices is unclear and may require medical director oversight. Check with your state board before performing these procedures and be sure you have the proper training.

For information on scope of practice by state, ASCP members can go to the Advanced Esthetics State Regulation Info page.

There are many devices on the market today targeting body fat, cellulite, and sagging skin. They all provide a similar function—target and destroy fat cells, flush the lymphatic system, and stimulate collagen production. Temperature-based fat reduction procedures include cryolipolysis or thermal shock. Skin tightening and cellulite reduction devices include the use of radio frequency or ultrasound.

Whether you are performing cryolipolysis, ultrasound cavitation, or radio frequency, to name a few, ASCP’s body contouring insurance protects you if a client sues. Indicate all the body contouring procedures you are performing to make sure you are covered.

Need coverage for other advanced esthetic modalities? We’ve got you covered. Procedures such as permanent makeup, microblading, or microneedling can be added to your body contouring insurance for as little as $100. Indicate all the procedures you are performing on your application to be sure you’re covered.

Body contouring devices should be FDA-approved professional devices for the intended use of fat reduction, skin tightening, and/or cellulite reduction. Home devices are marketed to the consumer, but may not be as effective and leave room for accidents to occur or poor treatment outcomes.



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