Ep 05 - Keeping Your Business Together During COVID with the Beauty Biz BFFs

Skincare professionals Kasey Boone and Lorena Ashmore of the Beauty Biz BFFs podcast.

Keeping it real and upbeat, Beauty Biz BFFs podcasters Kasey Boone and Lorena Ashmore share ideas to keep your business rocking whether your doors are open or closed. Kasey and Lorena get candid and discuss how a true professional keeps it together during these unprecedented times. Listen in to see if you’re doing it right by these ladies’ standards.

00:00 Speaker 4: You are listening to ASCP Etsy Talk, where we share insider tips, industry resources, and education for institutions at every stage of the journey. Let's talk because ASCP knows it's all about you.

00:16 Tracy Donley: Hi guys and welcome to a ASCP Etsy Talk, back to business, let your setback be your comeback. And I am your host, Tracy Donley, Executive Director of ASCP. And today, I'm super excited because I have the Beauty Biz BFFs on the show today, that is Lorena Ashmore, and Kasey Boone. Kasey is the owner and head esthetician at the trendy Los Angeles salon, Glow Skincare, which opened in 2011, as well as the owner of a popular cold roller line. She has treated clients for over 12 years and has appeared on multiple TV shows, including Bravo's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. With Glow Skincare Boone has a massive Instagram following of more than 25,000 followers. And in 2018, she was named the National Esthetician of the Year by Cosmedix skincare.

01:07 TD: Both Boone and Ashmore currently own successful brick-and-mortar businesses while also running six-figure e-commerce sites, and are the hosts of, you guessed it, Beauty Biz BFFs, which is a beauty and business podcast that takes a peek behind the curtain of the aesthetic industry. Beauty Biz BFFs has been downloaded over 135,000 times. Lorena Ashmore, well, she is an esthetician, lash artist, and owner of Dear Lash+Love, a company launched in 2015, that boasts both Los Angeles studio as well as a lash apparel line. Dear Lash+Love has more than 50,000 followers on Instagram. Lorena has become a sought-after guest on business blogs, podcasts, because of her successful girl-boss branding. Welcome, guys. I'm super excited that you're here, should we just jump into this?

02:00 Lorena: I think we should, we're so excited to be here as well.

02:01 Kasey: Yes.

02:01 TD: Okay, cool. Well, on a serious note, so first question that I have is, what do you think are the biggest issues facing aestheticians right now during this period... Pandemic?

02:16 Lorena: I think... I mean one of the biggest issues is just the unknown. No one knows what's going on. No one has any answers, and even people that are above us don't have answers. So I just think everyone is at a standstill.

02:31 Kasey: Yeah. I think besides the obvious, that we're all stuck at home and we're unable to see our clients, and as beauty professionals, that's mainly how we make our money, so I know there's a lot of people out there, scrambling to find new and creative ways to bring in income and still treat their clients from afar.

02:49 TD: Yeah, exactly, so on that same note, what are some of the things... If you could each speak to this, what are some of the things that you are doing right now while you are unable to treat your clients face-to-face, right now?

03:04 Lorena: I mean, I think for us, we've been really big on focusing on fine-tuning everything, so this is a great time, with the less distractions, to really look at your business and figure out what you need to tweak, what you need to fine-tune, what needs a revamp?

03:21 TD: I love that, and I know you're a super detailed person, Lorena. So give us some of those specifics, what are some of those things that you're looking at and retooling right now.

03:32 Lorena: One, I'm always looking at my website, so I am all about constantly revamping my website, every... At least a couple of times a month for me, I know that's not for everyone, but I like to add new photos, change around the look of it. I just want, when people come to it, to see something different because I'm hoping that they're coming back. And so if they're coming back and they're still seeing the same thing, it just gets boring. So I'm always looking at my website and just really fine-tuning my social media, making sure I'm consistent. I'm really taking social media seriously as though it's a full-time job for me, and I think a lot of other people need to be doing that as well. But again, just going back to the basics and just looking at, for one, does your website look clean? Can people figure out how to book with you? Just tweaking the minor things that people aren't paying attention to 'cause they're always looking at the glamorous side of it. But really, you need to make sure your business... The boring things are laid out and ready to go.

04:34 Kasey: Yeah, and I would say taking it even a step further, once you get all those things dialed in, maybe with updating your website, since we aren't treating people in-store, we have... But there are still so many opportunities to stay connected with your clients, to help them. I mean here at Glow, we've been doing free online skincare consults...

04:55 TD: Ooh, I love that.

04:56 Kasey: Yeah, just...

04:57 TD: Yeah.

04:57 Kasey: Sometimes people just wanna call and talk to someone else, so it's like I try and make it an open space, like, "Hey, don't feel like you have to buy something." But we're here to truly help, discounting all of our products that we do have in inventory, so that they're not sitting on the shelves for months at a time.

05:15 TD: That's a great point, too, because I mean, when we do get back to business, we'll have to be looking to see if things have expiration dates on it, I suppose.

05:23 Kasey: Exactly, exactly. So it's like I'm trying to keep all my products moving, helping our clients with their skincare at home. I'm working on facial boxes that are gonna go out to our clients so they can at least use some kind of treatment at home.

05:38 TD: Oh, I love that, too, that's so cute.

05:40 Kasey: Thanks, but just moving everything online, right? So like Lorena said, you get all that stuff dialed in and then you push all your clients to your Instagram, to your website, and there are still, like I said, so many ways you can reach out and help without seeing people in person right now.

05:56 TD: So I know that you guys are so great at marketing. And on that same note, what are some of the ways that you are maybe changing or tweaking your marketing message to your clients right now?

06:07 Kasey: Right. Like how we're talking to them since they can't come in for lashes or facials.

06:11 TD: Yeah. Or maybe there's a different tone, like is it... We've talked a couple of times, and maybe that tone is different as well.

06:20 Kasey: Right. I think we... I know we touched on this a little bit. I just feel like there's a fine line, if you wanna obviously acknowledge what's going on, but you don't want it to have this negative feel when you're talking to your clients. And so you obviously like business as usual...

06:37 Kasey: But I think that there's just a way that you can be sympathetic without being negative and just keeping it classy. And we always talk about this. It's like being professional on your social media, on your podcast, whatever your way of communicating is, you can still be yourself without just... With what you...

07:00 TD: Like no doom and gloom, right?

07:01 Kasey: Yes, you want... Yes, we need to acknowledge that we are literally in the middle of a pandemic. But does that mean the woe is me and you have to buy a gift card for me and you better buy this from me because I'm desperate, I'm desperate, I'm desperate. No, Lorena and I still come from a place like, "How can we help you? This is what we're going through," but also keeping still a positive front which is really how we are in real life. So it's like, "Let's find the silver lining in any area, in any problem."

07:31 TD: And isn't that truly the sign of a true professional. It's keeping authentic, but it's also being classy. And you guys talk about that all the time.

07:42 Kasey: Yeah. I think, yeah. We're both examples of we're able to be ourselves but we're still holding ourselves to a higher standard and I think everybody needs to be doing that more, especially through their social media. They need to realize that people and clients are coming to us, that we are a leader in our industry and we need to set a good example and set the right tone especially in situations like this. And I think, we've often seen in the beauty industry, specifically, there's just... It almost feels like it's a little bit more casual which is great.

08:15 TD: Yeah.

08:16 Kasey: And that's why we're part of it because it's so fun and laid back, but there still needs to be a standard that you hold yourself up to.

08:22 Lorena: Absolutely, absolutely.

08:25 TD: I love that. Well, one of the things that we've come to you before as ASCP and had you guys talk a lot about e-commerce, we really feel that you guys are great mentors in that space. Talk to us a little bit about maybe some more e-commerce things, some of the things that you're doing, some of the recommendations, just first steps, if someone is thinking, "Hey, this is the time I've been saying forever that I wanted to start some type of e-commerce site."

08:54 Kasey: I think everyone should be doing it right now 'cause like we said, it's like everything is moving online right now. And if you're not online, you need to get online, you need to start selling your products. But I would say, be specific with the products that you are going to promote, be specific to the clients that you already have as your audience to make sure that you're selling to the people who are following you whether it's on your social media or on your newsletter. I would say, one of the first steps, going back to what Lorena was saying before is, if you don't have a website or if your website is not dialed in, get that dialed in because if you're directing traffic to your e-commerce and it doesn't look enticing, it doesn't look beautiful, there isn't descriptions, no one's going to buy the product. Just because they click on it, then that you have to catch their attention. So I've been telling girls, make sure your content looks beautiful, make sure that you have great descriptions. It has to be more than just a website.

09:56 Lorena: She pretty much nailed it. I think, again, getting, realizing, or remembering who you're selling to. So I could walk...

10:04 TD: That's a great point, too, yeah.

10:05 Lorena: [10:05] ____ selling this amazing product that I love and use. But if my audience doesn't care, then it doesn't matter. So I need to be giving them what they want not what I want. And then again, having somewhere to direct them. I think, if you're going to be selling anything online, you need to be doing it for a website. Enough of this "DM me" for an order.

10:28 TD: Yeah, not into that.

10:30 Lorena: You need to take yourself seriously as a business owner if you're gonna take that next step.

10:34 TD: Yeah.

10:34 Kasey: And "DM me" to make an order, that's not going to help you scale and grow your business. If you decide you wanted to be in e-commerce, I think, you need to... You have to do it the right way 'cause then you're gonna make more money...

10:48 TD: That's the key. Say that one more time.

10:52 Kasey: What did I say?

10:53 TD: Come on.

10:53 TD: You gotta do it the right way the first time.

10:57 Kasey: That should be our tagline.

10:58 Lorena: It should be.

11:00 Kasey: Everything needs to be done the right way. We know wanna just get stuff out there, make a quick buck. But if you're going to do e-commerce, take it seriously, put in the work, you have the time right now and then, you could be making even more money when we get back to "what normal life is gonna be" then you still have your e-commerce going. 'Cause for Lorena and I, that is continued... That's the reason we are able to continue to stay in business right now, it's because of e-commerce.

11:29 TD: Right.

11:30 Lorena: And it's taken years to build that and set it all up.

11:34 TD: Yes.

11:34 Lorena: So it doesn't just happen in the blink of an eye, right?

11:37 Kasey: No.

11:37 Lorena: It's things that I put in place five years ago when I started my business that I got me to this point. So great that you wanna start selling online, but realize you might not be getting immediate sales tomorrow, and that's okay. But you have to be putting in the work and being consistent.

11:54 Kasey: Yes.

11:55 Lorena: And you've gotta give it time.

11:56 Kasey: Yes, I would say don't get discouraged if your sales aren't popping up. Remember that just because you put it online, it doesn't mean everyone's gonna flood, it takes time.

12:06 TD: That's a great point. I think also, too, I've been hearing from some of the other institutions out there that have employees that while their employees aren't necessarily seeing clients, they're helping them with their e-commerce and setting them up to do those types of things and being able to sort of pay them for at least that work.

12:28 Kasey: Yeah, that's what I'm doing with my aestheticians. I'm having them come in individually, take phone calls, place orders, get them shipped out just to give them a little bit of hours, a little bit of commission, and it just keeps the world moving right.

12:43 TD: Yeah. No, that's great ideas. That's great, I love that. Any other tips on how people can keep their employees working, or other ideas that you guys might have for them?

12:53 Kasey: I've been trying to get my girls more involved in social media.

13:00 TD: Oh, that's a good one.

13:01 Kasey: I just did a live with one of my institutions where we both did the same skin care routine. I think just getting... Just having them be more involved in your business. Especially, as employees, making them feel like they are really a part of the team and... Like your partner, so you still need them and you can still show them support as well by involving them in...

13:28 TD: And you're gonna get more buy-in right? From whatever, however you proceed moving forward. I would think you're gonna get more buy-in. That actually leads me to the next question and that is, how are you starting to prepare and talk to some of your staff as to what it might look like or what you might expect of them when you do re-open?

13:50 Kasey: So, I mean, right now, Glow is closed indefinitely. I've had a lot of questions about when we're seeing clients who... What where and why? So first off, I stay in contact with my girls or my employees as much as possible, I'm emailing them throughout the week, I try and let them know what's going on. But as far as coming back, I don't have a date yet. All I know is that we're going to have to have more time in between clients, making sure that the sanitation is like on point. It should have already been on point but now it's gonna be beyond on-point. We recorded earlier and I was saying clients are gonna be holding us accountable before they just trusted when they walked in that everything was clean, everything was safe. And now all of our emotions are heightened and people are going to be holding us accountable and they're gonna wanna see what we're doing in that realm, so we're going to have to step it up together.

14:51 TD: Well, and I think it'll be... If you've created that trust, you've had these long-term clients, it would be really disappointing to break that trust too. So it's also that next level.

15:03 Kasey: Yeah, I would say if you weren't already wearing a glafes gla... Wow, I can't talk. [laughter]

15:10 TD: You're talking like glasses...

15:18 Kasey: Masks, and gloves, should always be worn. And now, I think it's gonna be an absolute requirement. I also... SD Max, who creates the jelly mask? They just sent me some face shields or...

15:29 TD: Good.

15:31 Kasey: That seemed pretty good. Some face mask and the shield, and I always wash my hands in front of each client, take a little extra time which means which we're talking about before. You cannot jam 10 to 15 clients in day and stay up to proper sanitation, it's just not possible.

15:51 TD: Not possible.

15:51 Kasey: We're gonna have to slow down.

15:53 TD: Yeah. So what does that look like, are gonna be... Are you guys considering increasing prices for each service because you're gonna have to have more time and between the clients or possibly you're mentioning face Shields, and things like that. Is there gonna be more PPE personal protective equipment that you're gonna have to purchase? What does that look like?

16:16 Kasey: I mean for me, personally, I just think that that's part of the industry. And that's part of your job as if you are deciding to be business owners to be providing these things for yourself, for your employees. I don't feel like that should lie on the client, therefore, raising the price to me wouldn't makes sense. These are things that maybe I probably should have been doing beforehand, so just because I'm taking an extra 15 minutes to clean I should have been doing that before. So before we were cramming people in slamming ourselves and now we can't really do that anymore. I think that's on us.

16:49 TD: Yeah.

16:50 Lorena: I don't know that I could raise my price.

16:52 Kasey: I'm not raising my prices. We were already taking our time in between each client. I truly do not believe in jamming clients in because I had dealt with that as a younger aesthetician and now being in this industry for so many years, that's something that Lorena and I preach "take the time". You can't give a quality service to 20 people in one day and be taking care of yourself. So I remember when we worked together we both come out of our training rooms like sweaty, headache, no water, and it was like, "Why are we doing it for yourself?" No one else is requiring this of us. So that's gotta go.

17:30 Lorena: It's gotta go.

17:32 TD: Well, that's interesting too because probably self-care is becoming even more important during this pandemic because we need to make sure we don't get worn down.

17:43 Lorena: And it's not worth it or we're... I think we're all realizing too with all the distractions off the table, a lot of things aren't worth it. And so, once we all go back to work, I think people are gonna realize that they're okay taking less clients we are better at mental and physical health.

17:58 Kasey: I hope so. It can be all money driven. Yes, we're running businesses, yes, we need to make money, but it has to be a bigger picture than just clients in, and money in like it has to be more than that. You have to be taking care of yourself and taking true care of those clients because now we're all putting ourselves at risk or we're going to, when we go back. There's going to be a bigger risk.

18:18 Lorena: And two I just feel like I hope that people are just gonna be so excited to have their clients come back. I don't know that I'll be taking clients again, just because I was already phasing myself out of that, but even I have been itching to get a client just like to have a...

18:35 TD: To touch a person outside of your home? How weird is that? [chuckle]

18:37 Lorena: What is most grateful is to have our clients come back and we're not expecting to immediately change our prices.

18:45 TD: It sounds to me like you guys during this time period, have been reflecting. It sounds like on just the big picture, not even just your business or your career but like the big picture, do you guys wanna share would you guys share a little bit? Maybe you start with Kasey on some of the bigger thoughts that you've been having while we have all been staying at home.

19:08 Kasey: So many stuff, so many deep thoughts, this is just changing my perspective on so many things for myself and my business. Lorena and I were talking about that we recorded earlier is I really feel like the creatives are thriving more than ever, and I feel like the fakers are faking more than ever.

19:28 TD: I love that.

19:30 Kasey: And there's a divide happening right?

19:32 Lorena: In some ways things are going to be improving or people are gonna be improving but then on the other extreme, we've all transitioned online.

19:41 TD: Yeah.

19:42 Lorena: Look we're still here. We probably wouldn't have done this before the pandemic but here we are and it's incredible to see the transition of people going on live on Instagram and newsletters and webinars, and Zooms, and I see that sticking and I see more skin care consults happening online, which means that I can communicate with more people, potentially all over the world. I've been talking to people like Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, it's a trip, it's so cool but I just feel this really big transition happening. I'm seeing it.

20:16 TD: Yeah. I think it's interesting, you mentioning skin care consultations, and I think this is this opportunity to really up your game when it comes to the skin consultation whereas maybe some aestheticians might have just glazed over it and made it like, "Oh, I've talked to them before or they've been a client forever." But it's making you really look deeper at their skin and maybe what's changing in their life.

20:45 Lorena: Absolutely, it's not just the products they're using, it's stress, it's hormones, it's their environment, it's the food they're eating. And as we know, a lot of us are feeding more, we are under a lot of stress. I know my face is growing by the day, I'm like, "What? I gotta stop eating."

20:58 TD: It's not fillers, it's just fat.

21:02 Kasey: I know, I was telling Lorena I was like, "Oh, my gray hair is coming out and the botox is wearing off." True colors are coming through and it's gonna be wild.

21:11 TD: It's fun. It's fun. Well, Lorena what are some of the insights or big reflections that you've been having during this time?

21:21 Lorena: When all this hit I had just gotten a talk about the surgery so much it's like, okay, over-kill but I just got a disc replacement. It was the first major surgery I've ever had my life and it was March 5th and then it was boom. There's a pandemic no one can leave their house. So I was already recovering is actually great timing now that I think about it, but it hit me in a lot of ways. I was recovering physically from this injury, and then mentally trying to stay sane and then realizing maybe my business was gonna fall apart. I didn't really know what was going on 'cause I wasn't already taking clients and then I had my online store and just didn't know what it was gonna look like. I think I've just been really focused on making sure I'm okay and my partner is okay, and we're surviving in that way. And then it's forced me to, I've just become even more organized than I was before because there's no more distractions. I mean, I was stuck in my house and it was either gonna be lazy or power through, and I thrive in chaos, when shit hits the fan, is when I'm the best.

22:29 Lorena: For me, it was like, "Okay I need to step it up." I need to really give people even more than I was giving them before, so that they can't leave me. That was my mindset it's I need these people and I need to give them the best content because that's basically now my full time job. It's just creating content for other professionals.

22:50 TD: That's really hard. I mean creating content non-stop like almost in a bubble in a sense. It's all on you, that's challenging.

23:01 Lorena: And then, recovering from a surgery. I was like, "I gotta figure it out no one else can do it but me." That's been my reflecting, it's actually just finally checking things off of the to-do list because it was right in front of me and I had no where else to go but to look at it.

23:19 TD: You couldn't escape it no matter how hard. You couldn't walk out of there. Hey guys stop. Let's take a quick break.


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24:17 TD: Let's get back to the conversation. How are you guys? I know you don't know exactly when you're gonna open your business to seeing clients, but have you already started at least mentally doing a checklist as to how you're going to prepare your physical business?

24:36 Lorena: Yeah, for me, because I'm still coming in once or twice a week. My girls are still coming in, so we're making sure we're keeping everything clean, and maintained at this spa. I think when we have an actual opening date, I want the whole crew to come in here, we'll do a super deep clean reorganize have a pow-wow and be like, "Okay this is new procedures." Masks, gloves, washing it's more sanitation all of that stuff. We've been trying to do our best to stay in contact with all of our clients. I'm lucky that I can DM a lot of them or Hailey or I will try and call them. We've been re-scheduling people for June, but letting them know we don't know what's gonna happen.

25:18 TD: Oh, that's interesting, so you are putting clients on the books right now.

25:21 Lorena: Just a few just my girls who are so desperate they're like,"Please." But yeah, I haven't been encouraging people to book appointments because, again, I just don't know.

25:36 TD: I think that's the interesting part, it's that even myself, I know personally I'd pay money right now if I knew that I got first dibs to book when my people open up.

25:47 Lorena: Yeah, yeah, I'm lucky that I have all these amazing regular clients that I've had for a long time and I consider them friends. And I said you're priority when we open but how can we predict if there's gonna be crowds of people coming in for facials or it's gonna be like crickets. We don't know.

26:09 TD: I don't know.

26:10 Kasey: I think that having the piece of mind that our clients are waiting, and they want it and so...

26:18 Lorena: So grateful for that.

26:18 Kasey: For now, let's just deal with what's at hand. Yeah. Let's live for right now and then know that your clients will be back, they.

26:30 Lorena: Like beauty services are not dead, they're not going anywhere.

26:34 Kasey: No.

26:35 TD: So on that same note, you guys have probably been checking out the news, the national news or reading national newspapers, what are some of your thoughts about some of the states that are already opened up? And just seeing the results.

26:50 Lorena: I think it's insane, I think... And people might hate me for this, but I really think it's going to go downhill...

26:56 TD: Well, it's not like you ever say anything because you want people to necessarily like you...

27:00 Kasey: Well, that's true.

27:03 Lorena: I think it's taking you [27:03] ____ to be clear.

27:04 S?: [27:04] ____.

27:08 Lorena: We're trying to sit as far away from each other...

27:10 TD: Yeah.

27:10 Kasey: We're not making out but we're really limiting who we see. And I think if we're going back to soon, you're playing with fire, it's like if people are not taking this seriously, yet, this is survival of the fittest. And I have said this before, that's my opinion, that this is gonna come down to survival of the fittest even if the governor tells me in a couple of weeks that I can open up Glow, you know what, I'm gonna hold longer because, "Do I wanna go back in business and make a couple of dollars or do I wanna save my life and my employee's life and my family's life?"

27:48 TD: Yeah, it's a very personal decision. It is so personal, and I think that's the hard thing is that everybody's decision is unique, right? Because there're factors go into, maybe there's a sole practitioner out there, an aesthetician, who... She's a single mom and like, this is it, this is all she's got. And unfortunately, she has to go back. Because what the government is providing at this point is not enough or what have you, so it's hard, it's just so many different individual decisions.

28:24 Kasey: There are so many layers.

28:25 Lorena: I do understand that is... I mean, right now, I don't think it's a personal decision like we're being told what to do and stuff.

28:31 TD: Yeah.

28:32 Lorena: I do respect, for other states that are allowed to reopen, you are trusting the person above you to tell you what is right, what is wrong or what is right. And I would just say to strap up and be smart. If ever you can, if you need to be fully suited to make your money, do it, but don't be dumb and think really hard if you really have no other alternatives but to touch other people in the middle of a pandemic. Just think about it, that's all I'm saying. Because...

29:04 TD: Well, that gravity is real, but you just said it like that, isn't it?

29:08 Kasey: We're touching people and we're breathing on people and we're, it's just like, we're in the most intimate setting as beauty professionals, and so... And the scariest part is, half the people walking around have had it or have it and don't even know. So that's what frightens me is that I haven't seen anyone but Kasey up until recently, and my boyfriend that I live with, I haven't seen one person since March 5th. And could I have? Sure. But the scariest part is knowing that people have it...

29:37 TD: Yeah.

29:37 Lorena: And don't know.

29:38 TD: Asymptomatic... And that is the part that I feel like is left out of so many conversations. Especially when people are saying, "Well I'm just gonna make sure I'm wearing a mask," "I'm taking everyone's temperatures," "I'm doing this." It's almost like that's causing a false sense of security.

29:57 Lorena: It is. I think, what I think about a lot is, "Okay yeah, I can do all of the right things, I can do everything right, but I don't know what other people are doing. Right?

30:07 TD: Yeah.

30:07 Lorena: You don't know what other people are doing, you don't know what the people that they're in contact with are doing and then it's just that snowball effect and all of a sudden the numbers spike again. I think there's also a layer of denial as well. Like is this really happening?

30:23 Kasey: Yeah.

30:23 TD: I know and that's the hard part.

30:25 Lorena: Yeah, maybe no one's indirectly been affected, right? None of my family. None of us know anyone who... Yet.

30:32 TD: Yeah, right. Yeah, yeah.

30:34 Lorena: But I've heard of friends of friends. So how much closer to home does it have to be before you take this seriously?

30:41 Kasey: Yes. Exactly!

30:42 TD: I know, I think that's... The biggest part, is it unfortunately as humans sometimes that's exactly what has to happen, right? It has to feel really, really personal for us to make dramatic changes in life.

30:54 Lorena: Yeah, how much more personal can it get? I can't walk out of this building without seeing everyone wearing a face mask.

31:01 Kasey: Yeah.

31:01 TD: Yeah, that's true. I know, and then to the other point when I don't see people wearing face masks, I literally feel so much anger inside which it seems...

31:15 Kasey: I know.

31:16 TD: Ridiculous, I feel like I'm a little bit of a nutso, why am I getting so angry? But I just can't even, I'm like, "Do you think I like wearing this thing?"

31:24 Lorena: Yeah.

31:25 TD: "Do you think this feels good on my face?" "I don't like it." I feel like I can't breathe sometimes too, but I'm wearing it for you and everyone else. So we talked a little bit about... We kinda have a good idea about your decision and what you guys are gonna do, you're holding strong you're gonna do a watch and see. And then Lorena, you're hanging a little bit more your hat on all the e-commerce.

31:51 Lorena: Yeah, I mean I had two girls that were renting for me, and they both were like, "We can't pay you rent."

31:55 TD: Oh, that's interesting! I get that.

31:58 Lorena: Yeah, so, I mean I still pay my rent, but they basically said, "I can't pay you." And one girl left, got her stuff out and I was like, "Okay, well let me know if you change your mind, that's fine."

32:08 TD: Oh God, that's so real. So that really... So you know, you hear a lot about that, but I haven't actually spoken to someone who's like... Yeah, you can't pay me.

32:18 Lorena: I gave them a discount in the beginning then they just said like, "We can't afford it." And I was like, "What do I say?" There's nothing I can do right now. I still am responsible for my own rent. And to be honest, Kasey and I have talked about this, when I got my studio, I made sure that I would be able to afford that place without renters and so...

32:35 TD: Smart.

32:35 Lorena: If anything ever happened, I knew that I would be able to be financially responsible and be able to take care of it on my own without them. So they were to me like an added bonus. Now, it sucks because they're not there and I don't, but now, moving forward, I don't even know if I'll have renters anymore. I don't know, I think at this point, I just wanna be responsible for myself.

32:54 TD: Gosh, everything is changing so quickly. Sometimes I feel like one day is like one month...

33:00 Kasey: It is.

33:00 Lorena: Yeah.

33:00 Kasey: Stuff is moving fast. I think people need to be prepared for that and instead of being so against just change that, just welcome the evolution that's happening.

33:10 TD: Oh I love that! Welcome to the evolution! Welcome!

33:16 Kasey: Welcome.

33:16 TD: To the evolution.

33:17 Lorena: It is?

33:18 TD: It could be the revolution.

33:19 TD: Could be that too.


33:20 Lorena: I've already been thinking like I wanted my studio all for myself, because it is so packed with inventory and all these things and we're recording and having renters. Sometimes I had to juggle and I was like, "You know what? Maybe this is a sign. Like I've been wanting, I need to just have my space for myself and go back to taking care of my business." So yeah.

33:42 Kasey: Yeah, this is a sign.

33:43 TD: It is a sign. And I think that's the thing, it keeps going back to that every bit of theme that's kind of running through this conversation is that look for the signs, and roll with it, and be prepared.

34:00 Lorena: Yes, I would just say "Be safe, be smart, roll with the punches and no matter when go back, it's going to be different.

34:13 TD: Yes.

34:15 Lorena: It's gonna be different and we just have to be okay with that and we're not sure exactly what the difference is gonna look like.

34:21 TD: Yeah, that's a good point. Alright, so before we go, each one of you gave us two resources that you think our members and listeners can't live without or shouldn't live without. And it could be anything, it could be just something to help them cope right now as they're stuck at home and preparing to hopefully reopen their businesses at some point. It could be a recipe, it could be an exercise. I don't care, anything. What do you got for me? Who's going first?

34:53 Lorena: I have to have my coffee with collagen in it. That's just my way that I have my coffee now. I just put a scoop with my coffee, I blend it up and it keeps me fuller. It's something I look forward to. I have it almost every single day and it's like better than going to the store and getting like a store about coffee from Starbucks. And then I read the Daily Stoic every day. It's like a book that has just its daily inspirational thoughts...

35:25 TD: That's great.

35:26 Lorena: You just read a page a day and it really helps you just kinda like re-evaluate, especially during times like this. And each month is a different topic, so one might be like "Wealth" and one month might be... I don't know... [chuckle] I can't think.


35:42 TD: Fitness.

35:42 Lorena: But I like it that it's something that you can just read a page a day. It's not too much pressure.

35:49 TD: Bite-size. I like it. Very good. So a quick question on that collagen though. This is like a bone collagen?

35:56 Lorena: Yeah. I have a couple that I like but one is Keravis, has a really great collagen. We have a code for it. And then...

36:04 TD: Nice.

36:05 Lorena: Final Proteins is a really great one and it's a vanilla coconut.

36:08 Kasey: It's creamy collagen, right?

36:11 TD: Okay.

36:13 Lorena: But it just adds a little oomph to your coffee and it makes it extra creamy. A lot of times I don't even add creamer. I used that as my creamer.

36:22 TD: Nice and is it making your hair and nails and everything better? I mean, you've got almost mermaid hair, going on there, so...

36:30 Lorena: It wasn't [36:31] ____.

36:32 Kasey: Yeah, it's growing a lot.

36:33 Lorena: But I do like it, cause it gives me a little protein. And it makes me just feel like I'm not just drinking coffee and to get cracked out.


36:45 Kasey: Yeah, I think what Lorena is saying and what I'm about to say, "just making small things, and making them routine".

36:53 Lorena: Yes.

36:54 TD: Nice. And a little special.

36:55 Lorena: Yeah.

36:56 Kasey: Even if it's just a few things. Most of our day is not routine. And so, finding a few solid things that you stick to make you feel grounded.

37:05 TD: Okay, I like it. So, collagen, get out there, get your collagen, read the Daily stoic once a day. Okay, so Kasey, what do you got for us? And now it's gonna be good, what is it?

37:15 Kasey: Well, I was going to say besides listening to our podcast...

37:17 TD: Oh yes, what's the podcast called?


37:20 Kasey: The Beauty Biz BFFs.


37:21 Kasey: You can find it anywhere. Podcast to listened to. Sorry, just had to do a shameless promotion.

37:26 TD: Of course.

37:27 Kasey: I've just been telling people and I talk about this a lot. Just get up and move. That doesn't mean you have to do some crazy workout but for me, lots of times when I get stuck emotionally, I'll feel like I get stuck physically as well. So there's been days where I'm like, "I'm tired, I haven't seen the sun and I'm feeling miserable and I don't even wanna work out, I don't wanna get up but I force myself to walk around the block and then I feel better, so get up and move, even if...

37:55 TD: Do you guys know that literally the last time that I was feeling the way that you're talking about is I literally was like, "Okay I'm gonna get up and move, but, I'm gonna put on the Beauty Biz BFFs podcast."

38:10 Kasey: Exactly.

38:11 TD: And it gave me great ideas, it was like "Oh my God, I feel so good". So...

38:16 Kasey: You know what's funny? You would think you internally fight yourself, you're like, "I don't wanna get up, I don't wanna get up, I wanna be lazy on the couch," but if you go listen to something simulating, it doesn't have to be us, it could be something fun, stupid, murder, whatever you want, and just...

38:31 Lorena: Murder?

38:32 TD: Murder...

[overlapping conversation]

38:36 Lorena: I love murder.

38:36 Kasey: People are really into that love murder.

38:38 TD: That's hilarious, I like the skinny confidential. I like ridiculousness.

38:43 Kasey: Yeah. So, get up and move your body and get a little Vitamin D. I am anti-sun most of the time, like wear your sunscreen, but get some sun.

38:55 TD: Alright, so tell everybody all your different handles where they can reach if they want to DM you, if they want to chat with you, if they wanna tell you that you're crazy. No, I'm just kidding. They're not gonna call you and tell you that you are crazy. [chuckle]

39:11 Kasey: So, I already plugged ourselves or I'll plug us again we're Beauty Biz BFFs podcast on Instagram. Our website is beautybizbffs.com. I am Kasey Boone. I am Glow Skincare. And I am Glow Skincare on Instagram, as well as my website is glowcarela.com.

39:31 TD: Perfect, it's perfect. Okay, let's hear it Lorena.

39:36 Lorena: Okay, here we go. I am Lorena Ashmore. I am dearlashlove. The website is dearlashlove.com and all the social media is dearlashlove, as well. Like dear friend. People are always like, "Dear, beer... " I'm like, dear. Like you're writing a letter.


39:54 TD: Not like a deer running through the forest, people.

39:56 Lorena: No, dearashmore, dearlashlove, that's where you can find me.

40:01 TD: Well, and also you guys, if you're a member of ASCP, check out our discount section, because we've got some pretty cool discounts from these guys, and then we're always doing all kinds of other fun things with them. And also stay tuned because a little bird told me that for the ASCP readers Choice Awards, we might have some guest appearances from these lovely ladies. So...

40:25 Kasey: Boo!

40:26 TD: Yeah. Boo. It was gonna be in Vegas. But We don't know if we're gonna make it there now, at the end of June, so it might be some really fun virtual award ceremony.


40:37 TD: Those are fun. Aren't we getting so used to everything in our world being virtual, it's really hard to spin that as something special.

40:43 Kasey: I know. We'll make it.

40:46 Lorena: We will.

40:46 TD: Oh, these guys, they'll totally make it special right there. Those two, for sure. [chuckle] Alright, well thank you guys so much and we'll look forward to talking to you guys again soon.

40:55 Kasey: Thanks for having us.

40:57 Lorena: Thank you so much, Tracy.


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