Ep 17 - The Male Perspective in a Female-Dominated Industry

Dylan Magnuson

What would it feel like to be a man in a female dominated industry? Join host Tracy Donley, ASCP Executive Director and guest host Ella Cressman as they have a candid conversation with male esthetician Dylan Magnuson on topics ranging from medical procedures, treatment room obstacles and treating transitioning clientele. What challenges face our male counterparts? What does it mean to provide a “safe space” to the LGBTQ community? Listen in as Dylan’s observations are insightful, eye opening and inspirational.

Author Bio: 

Dylan Magnuson, LE

Growing up in a rural agricultural town in southern Colorado, Dylan Magnuson was never exposed to the world of health and beauty outside of the Walmart aisles. It wasn’t until his sophomore year at Colorado Mesa University that he found his passion learning the anatomy and physiology of the skin. He later enrolled at Heritage College where he earned his associate degree in Esthetics in 2015.

Always eager to learn more, Dylan spent the next few years elevating his skills, from working in day spas and medical offices with plastic surgeons to eventually venturing out to start his own practice. Dylan realized his love for education, and in 2017 he went on to partner with Ella Cressman as a product representative and educator.

Dylan became an ingredient junkie. As a long-time cannabis lover, it was only natural that he found his way into realm of CBD skin care. Over the last 2 years, Dylan has worked passionately educating eager and open-minded estheticians about cannabis products and how to bring them into the treatment room.

Earlier this year, Dylan founded a new business that will help bridge the gaps between the health, wellness, and beauty industries, while allowing estheticians to share their knowledge and skills far beyond their current reach. The Hive, A Wellness Community will launch in the fall of 2020.

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