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Produced by Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP), ASCP Esty Talk and The Rogue Pharmacist is specifically created for estheticians. Where no topic is off limits, we share all kinds of great information on this podcast from ingredients and the science of the skin, to business, and beauty diversity.  We hope you come away having learned more about your career, the industry, and maybe even life in general!

Think of our show as a conversation between friends—not too structured, not too formal—sometimes very serious, but always genuine and authentic.

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Ep 223 – The Problem with TikTok Beauty Advice

TikTok has the potential to inspire and educate both our clients and us with its weird and sometimes wonderful beauty advice. However, it’s also known for being controversial, with unqualified individuals sharing their opinions on how products and services function. In this episode of ASCP Esty Talk, Maggie and Ella talk about the issues with TikTok beauty trends and discuss a few of those trends making the rounds on TikTok right now.

Ep 222 – The Rogue Pharmacist: Synthetic vs. Natural Cosmetic Ingredients

People often assume synthetic substances are inherently bad while natural substances are harmless, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In this episode of ASCP’s The Rogue Pharmacist, host Benjamin Knight Fuchs explains that it doesn’t matter whether a substance is synthesized or natural, what matters is whether the substance is recognized by the skin. 

Ep 221 – The Consultation: Your Foundation for Retail Sales

Whether you’re an employee or self-employed, selling retail is a huge part of your responsibility in helping your clients reach their goals and not a bad way to make passive income. In this episode of ASCP Esty Talk, Maggie and Ella share a foolproof method of establishing and maintaining retail sales, and much of it begins with the consultation.  

Ep 220 - Chemical Peels for Ethnic Skin with Pamela Springer

Chemical peels are commonly used in the esthetics treatment room for fast results and minimal downtime. They are considered safe and effective when used properly and the client’s skin has been appropriately prepped and patch tested. But estheticians without proper training still face challenges when using peels on ethnic skin. There is a greater risk for post-inflammatory pigment, scarring, and burns. In this episode of ASCP Esty Talk, Maggie talks with Pamela Springer about selecting the right peeling agent for your client’s skin type, common clinical implications, and where estheticians go wrong.

Ep 219 - The Rogue Pharmacist - The Science of Oils in Skin Care

The use of oils in skin care is nothing new—it dates back thousands of years—and those who’ve adopted an oil into their regimen swear by it. However, many consumers and estheticians still shy away from the use of oils because they feel too heavy or sticky or because of the fear the oils will cause a breakout. But it could be that people use them incorrectly. In this episode of The Rogue Pharmacist, Ben Fuchs shares what oils are both good and bad for the skin, their beneficial properties, and whether facial oils will really make your skin more or less oily.

Ep 218 – Spooky Skin Care

Trick or treat? How about both? Some ingredients provide benefits by tricking the skin into behaving or performing differently. In this episode of ASCP Esty Talk, we discuss some favorite ingredients that recharge cellular energy and interfere with inflammatory reactions and even one that should not be tried at home (maybe). Tune in to hear about effective trick-and-treat ingredients! 

Ep 217 – Legislative Sessions with Esty Talk

“If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu—and if you can’t find a seat, you must bring your own chair.” This age-old adage aptly depicts how advocacy can greatly impact the esthetics profession. In this episode of ASCP Esty Talk, Maggie and Ella discuss some of the many legislative bills and rule proposals that have cropped up across the US in the last year and hope to encourage you to advocate for your industry and voice your opinions to influence change.

Ep 216 – The Rogue Pharmacist: Paraben, Preservative, and Phthalate Free

Parabens and phthalates often get a bad rap, and we’re told we should avoid these ingredients because of their potential health risks. But what are they really, and should there be cause for concern? In this episode of The Rogue Pharmacist, Ben Fuchs talks about some common parabens and other preservatives, whether there are natural alternatives, the effects these ingredients can have on the body, and why phthalates are showing up in cosmetics.

Ep 215 – Resistance Training for Skin Rejuvenation

Estheticians often use the analogy comparing skincare and exfoliation to lifting weights. On top of this great analogy, it’s been shown that working out creates a post workout glow. A recent study suggests resistance training is an effective anti-aging strategy for skin health. In this episode of ASCP Esty Talk, Maggie and Ella discuss post workout glow, breakdown the study published on anti-aging and resistance training and discuss incorporating body health into the esthetics practice.

Ep 214 – What the Deck: Fermented Skincare Ingredients

What is the process of fermentation? And how does that make some ingredients more bioactive? Tune in to this episode of ASCP Esty Talk to hear Maggie and Ella discuss fermentation and the skin benefits of fermented ingredients. Who knows, maybe you are already using some in your routine!

Ep 213 – The Rogue Pharmacist: Endocrine Disruptors in Skin Care

The body is bombarded daily with endocrine disruptors from pollution, tap water, plastics, and even skin care. It’s hard to completely avoid them, and some are worse than others. In this episode of The Rogue Pharmacist with Ben Fuchs, we discuss the ingredients to watch out for and what to know about endocrine disruptors in your beauty products.

Ep 212 - Green Beauty with Julie Longyear

The green beauty movement has gained significant traction in recent years, as consumers become increasingly aware of the impact of their purchasing decisions on the planet and its resources. As a result, many companies are now offering green beauty options, catering to the growing demand for sustainable and responsible products. In this episode of ASCP Esty Talk, Maggie and Ella are joined by Julie Longyear, herbal chemist, and founder of Blissoma Botanical Beauty, to discuss how estheticians can position their esthetics business to be on the growth side of this trend.

Ep 211 – Adapting to the Changing Seasons

Do you change your clients’ skin care routine, your menu, or your services according to the seasons? Estheticians are often trained to analyze the skin in the moment, what’s changed from the previous visit, and whether the client is experiencing any skin issues they’d like to address—never the weather. But adapting your menu offerings and changing your clients’ routine to accommodate for seasonal shifts presents a lot of opportunities not just for the client, but also the esthetician. In this episode of ASCP Esty Talk, Maggie and Ella discuss why it’s good to understand how seasonal changes can impact the skin, how to transition a skin care routine, and why you would in the first place.

Ep 210 – The Rogue Pharmacist: Is It Really Acne?

Acne, the most common skin condition, impacts millions of Americans annually, and because of that impact, thousands of estheticians choose to specialize in it. However, many skin conditions that look like acne could require a different treatment. In this episode of The Rogue Pharmacist, Ben Fuchs talks about reasons for acne and conditions that may look like acne but aren’t.  

Ep 209 - The Longest Running Study on Aging

When you think about the word aging, many thoughts and theories may come to mind, including how the esthetics industry is built upon fighting it. The Harvard study of adult development, often referred to as the Grant Study, is one of the longest-running studies on adult development and aging and provides some very insightful correlations. In this episode of ASCP Esty Talk, Maggie and Ella discuss the Grant Study and share their thoughts on lifestyle and relationships connected to aging.

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