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The ASCP Esty Talk podcast will delight you with insights and sound bites from entrepreneurs, influencers and experts inside and outside the professional skin care industry.  Listen as they share insider tips and resources on all the topics you can’t get enough of—like ingredients, the science of skin, and business to help you become the best version of you.  

Think of our show as a conversation between friends—not too structured, not too formal—sometimes very serious, but always genuine and authentic.

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Ep 43 - Black History Month (Pt 3)—Listen. Learn. Trust

Crystal Ochemba-Powell explains how to expand your knowledge to treat a wider range of diverse skin types and what all estheticians should keep in mind when treating clients of color. The art of listening is a big theme in this episode so lend your ear!

Ep 39 - Tech Talk on Body Contouring

Thanks to noninvasive body-contouring procedures, treating areas with stubborn fat and cellulite has become a breeze. In this episode, we are joined by Stan Kapica, president of CryoGeneration, to learn about two different types of body contouring technology.

Ep 37 - Recent Studies Show … SHOW Me the Receipts!

“Recent studies show” is a phrase we see often. But what happens when you dive a little deeper into these studies? Listen in as we investigate further and discover the surprising outcomes of demanding “show me the receipts!”

Ep 35 - Eyelash Extensions and the Glue That Binds Them

Have you ever wondered what lash extensions are made of, or how exactly they’re able to stick to real lashes? Ella Cressman chats with the owner of AW Lashes, Alexis Weisenburger, and explores everything lovely and lashy!

Ep 34 - Advancing Your Education During COVID-19

With so many changes in the industry due to COVID-19, it’s hard to know whether estheticians should take the time and the money to advance their education right now. Mary Nielsen explains why continuing your education is important for your career.

Ep 33 - An Insider Look at Esthetics Education in India

In this episode, we chat with Farida (LE) who shares how esthetics education in India compares to the United States, including the difference in client concerns, techniques, and certification. Don't miss what this skin care expert has to say!

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