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Produced by Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP), ASCP Esty Talk and The Rogue Pharmacist is specifically created for estheticians. Where no topic is off limits, we share all kinds of great information on this podcast from ingredients and the science of the skin, to business, and beauty diversity.  We hope you come away having learned more about your career, the industry, and maybe even life in general!

Think of our show as a conversation between friends—not too structured, not too formal—sometimes very serious, but always genuine and authentic.

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Ep 114 – The Rogue Pharmacist: Star Supplements to Boost the Barrier Function

The skin has many functions but perhaps the most important is its permeability barrier, limiting water loss and preventing the penetration of harmful elements from the environment. Ceramides, lipids, and antioxidants all play a role in the health and function of the skin. In this episode of The Rogue Pharmacist with Benjamin Knight Fuchs, we discuss these star supplements to include in your skin care regimen as well as to take topically to support and boost the barrier function.

Ep 113 - Understanding Certified Kosher and Halal Skin Care

Cruelty free and kosher, vegan and halal skin care. What do they have in common? How are they different? Why would you want to know about them? In this episode of ASCP Esty Talk, we examine the parallels between classifications we have heard much about (cruelty free and vegan) to those we may not know much about (kosher and halal). Listen in to decide if these are specialties you may want to add to your practice.

Ep 112 – An Esthetician Walks into a Big Box Beauty Store . . .

Big box beauty stores have been a mesmerizing, tantalizing, hypnotizing, wonderworld full of makeup and all things pretty! Though they carry many types of products, they have never really been known for specializing in hair care or skin care. But with the rise in consumer awareness of skin health, the skin care sections of big box beauty stores have grown! Join Maggie and Ella as they discuss these mega-stores, what some of the brands are doing right, and what both the professional and consumer need to know.

Ep 111 - The Rogue Pharmacist: The Rainbow Connection

Simply put, eating the rainbow includes incorporating fruits and vegetables of all colors into your diet for a complete range of nutrients. Phytonutrients support skin health and give a natural glow. In this episode of The Rogue Pharmacist with Benjamin Knight Fuchs, we discuss the rainbow connection and the benefits eating color brings to the skin and the body.

Ep 110 – Mailbag: Spring 2022

MAILBAG!!! Another Whoopsie Doozie commiseration with our fellow professionals. We’ve all been there, right?!?! As professional and polished as we strive to be, inevitably, we are human and accidents happen. Join Maggie and Ella as they share about unintentional dreadlocks, wardrobe missteps, and other whoopsie doozie moments!

Ep 109 – Beauty and the Bots

Artificial intelligence and augmented reality are revolutionizing the skin care industry as we know it. In our digital age of faster, bigger, and better, machine technology is being used for skin care solutions and treatments to generate revenue. In this episode of ASCP Esty Talk, Maggie and Ella discuss everything from interactive shopping experiences to lash robots, and whether tech in beauty is going too far or if it’s the wave of the future.

Ep 108 - The Rogue Pharmacist: Healthy Gut, Healthy Skin

Research shows that the health of our skin is directly impacted by the health of our gut. When the gut is in disharmony it has an impact on our overall health and can present on the skin as inflammation, acne, rosacea, or even pigmentation. In this episode of the Rogue Pharmacist with Benjamin Knight Fuchs, we discuss the indicators of an unhealthy gut and how to heal the gut and clear the skin.

Ep 107 – DNA-Based Skin Care

Formulators have developed products based on skin type for years, but there has been a recent shift in thinking, with some brands beginning to develop their products based on consumers’ individual genetic makeup. In this episode of ASCP Esty Talk, Maggie and Ella discuss whether ingredients can truly alter DNA to prevent aging and ask the question “Could the secret to perfect skin be in our genes?”

Ep 106 – Exfoliation: How Much is Too Much?

Although exfoliation seems straightforward, clients often have mixed messages about what to use, when to use it, and the expectations from exfoliating. That’s no surprise when you consider exfoliation comes in many forms like scrubs, enzymes, and peels, and can be found in the most basic of products, such as cleansers or serums. In this episode of ASCP Esty Talk, Maggie and Ella define exfoliation and discuss how much is too much, both in the treatment room and in home care.   

Ep 105 - Mind Health and the Skin

Mind health and how our skin responds, otherwise known as psycho-dermatology, is an emerging field that studies the effects of stress both on the brain and on the skin. In this episode with Benjamin Knight Fuchs, R. Ph., we discuss the two-way communication between the brain and the skin and the conditions that can show up on the skin and how to deal with them.  

Ep 104 - Anti-Aging is a Four-Letter Word

Antimicrobial, antibacterial, antioxidant—there’s a whole lot of “anti” words in our professional vocabulary. However, none are as potent, explanatory, descriptive, or as inclusive as anti-aging. What does it really mean to reverse the signs of aging and is it necessarily a good thing? In this episode of ASCP Esty Talk, Maggie and Ella discuss types of aging, societal views, and esthetics' role in anti-aging.

Ep 103 – The Skin-ification of Hair

In recent years, we’ve seen an overlap between the skin care and hair care industries. This new approach to hair and scalp care consists of skin-care-inspired products and treatments for your hair and scalp issues. In this episode of ASCP Esty Talk, Maggie and Ella discuss causes of hair loss and skin care treatments being adopted to curb it.

Ep 102 - The Rogue Pharmacist: Skin Indications for Overall Health

Is the skin the first indicator of overall health? A 2008 study involving over 13,000 adolescents showed  those with acne were more likely to experience gastrointestinal symptoms such as constipation, bloating, halitosis, and acid reflux. In this episode of The Rogue Pharmacist, Ben discusses common skin conditions and their indicators for overall health.

Ep 101 - Shining the Light on Sunless Tanning

Sunless tanning is a billion-dollar industry and growing, and the treatment is a great opportunity for solo estheticians and spas to boost their bottom line. Many people realize that tanning beds can be dangerous and lead to cancer. So, is spray tanning a better option? In this episode Ella and Maggie discuss sunless tanning and its rise in the wellness industry.

Ep 100 – Clean, Green, and Sustainable Skin Care

Clean, green, and sustainable—what do these terms really mean, and why are they important in skin care? Join Ella and Maggie as they discuss these buzz words to decipher where they came from and whether they are legit or just clever (and effective) marketing mumbo-jumbo. Do your products really qualify? Find out by tuning into this informative episode.

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